How to Get PS Points Faster?

PS points are a great way to earn rewards on the Sony network. Once you register for Sony rewards, you will start earning points for doing various things. This article will explore all the different ways you can earn rewards. One of these is playing your favorite games, so play more to earn more PS points!

Download the Sony Rewards App

The Sony Rewards App gives you points for doing various things. You can get prizes and rewards for uploading movie tickets, registering official disks you buy or completing various challenges on the app. The best thing about downloading the app is that you can set point goals and get rewarded for reaching your goals. You can also place bids on different Sony experiences and save some money on different Sony gear.


Rocketmiles is a platform that allows you to book air travel and hotels at various destinations. When you book a flight or hotel room, you will get PS points for each mile flown as well as for each night you book at one of their partner hotels. They collaborate with most major airlines and hotels, so it is very easy to get your points when you book through them.

PlayStation Services

Sony has a few PlayStation services that make it easy to earn Sony rewards and PS points. Some of these are PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. When you sign up for the PlayStation Network Services, you earn double points for each purchase you make on the network.

You also get points when you sign up for at least two of their PlayStation Services. When you do, you do not have to do anything special and can continue enjoying these services and the regards they come with as you would do normally.

The PlayStation Store

You can also earn points when you purchase any games through the PlayStation store. These can be online games or offline games; as long as they are bought through the PlayStation store, you earn points. The point system will reward you with one pint for each $1 you spend on the store.

If you buy and play a lot of games, you should sign up for the rewards system. You may have been losing the ability to collect extra points all these years if you have been continuously buying PlayStation games.

Earn Your Points

There are various websites and platforms that pay you in PlayStation Network codes which you can redeem for points. These include survey sites like Swagbucks where you answer a few questions and get rewarded. The more surveys you do, the more you earn.

The second is platforms like Fetch Rewards. Here, you are only required to scan your grocery receipts. If you have purchased various specific items, you get rewarded with PlayStation Network Codes.

Once you have the codes, you can redeem them by entering the 12-digit code on your PlayStation.

As a gamer, getting a new game by redeeming your PS points is an interesting prospect. The good thing is that there are several ways you can earn these points, so start exploring today.

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